Each day, live in an attitude of gratitude. At the start or at the end of the day, think of 5 to 10 things you are grateful for each day, then take time to really feel the gratitude for each of them and give thanks for them e.g. the happy, energetic kids, your supportive uncomplaining […]

Diversions and Speed Bumps

Nope, its not about driving … It’s when someone pours cold water on your efforts, and tells you – no, you better go back and travel by the easy, well-beaten path – the safe way that everyone travels by … The trouble is – they don’t see the Dream that you see … they don’t […]

Take Imperfect Action

I had never done a video advertisement before and worried about how I could do it but I realize that the journey of a thousand steps begins with the very first one – so I went for it ! I worked on my script, wrote it and then re-wrote and re-wrote and re-wrote it.  And […]

Come back to Focusing

None of us ever plan on procrastinating  – we all have good intentions but so many things get in the way of our accomplishing them ! That’s why doing the things that leaders do daily really helps us to focus on what’s important and yet also do what is necessary – like developing ourselves, working on […]