Share Your Story

Share your story to encourage someone along the way … there is no such thing as “I have nothing to share” … Share what you went through – the fears, the heartaches, the pains, the loneliness, the confusion … Share the triumph, the enlightenment, the breakthrough, the joy, the peace, the realization, the knowing, the […]

Take it with a Pinch of Salt

When you start something new, it’s a bit scary at first as you’ve just gotten out of your comfort zone. You look around, take your first few steps, stumble around … that’s ok … If a baby says, “No, I shouldn’t try to stand – it’s scary to take those first few steps”, then he’ll […]

Actionless Inspiration

Stressed on the job, looking for inspiration, trying to get pumped up just to get through another week … Why do we do that ? So that we can be inspired and re-energized just to go back to the same job, the same routine where we are still trapped in the same 9 – 5 […]

Focus on What You Want

Did you ever feel a panicky feeling when things don’t seem to be going right ?  Where what you planned to get accomplished by a certain date doesn’t look like it’s going to materialize ? At that stage, calm yourself, slow the breathing …. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want or […]

False Identities and Limiting Labels

Do you allow yourself to be limited by a label?  It might be …  … a childhood nickname … “Fatty”, “Dumbo”, “Lanky”, “Shortie” … … a rejection by a teenage crush … “You’ll never be good looking enough”, “You’re not the sporty type” … … an event at work … being bypassed for a promotion, recalling that […]

Ask for Help !

During the last few days, I was trying to get my ad running … then I had to deal with why it didn’t get approved. Then I had to set up the campaigns, then had to deal with why there were no impressions or views … All brand new stuff that I had never done […]