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Behind LiveFreeAndFulfilled And What I Stand For

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Entrepreneur And Founder of LiveFreeAndFulfilled


Welcome - it's great having you here!

I live in Singapore and spent more than 20 years of my career in the corporate world.

I have finally decided that I did not want to continue in the corporate world any more and be subject to the whims of someone else to decide my fate and how and when I can spend my own time and life.

Having founded LiveFreeAndFulfilled, I'm on a mission to free the world from slavery to their jobs, building someone else's dream instead of their own, not being able to live life on their own terms, or to be there for all those important, never-to-be-repeated-again family moments both big and small, every single day ...

I was woken up and challenged to seize the dream, face my fears and step into the life that most people only dream of their whole life. With the belief that it was not too late and that it was possible to build and run an online business that will give me the time freedom and means to live the life that was fulfilling for me, I decided to TAKE ACTION TO MAKE THE CHANGE in my life that only I could.  AND YOU CAN, TOO.

Age, race or whatever your circumstance in life,  is never a limiting barrier unless you believe it to be so. Your life is yours so don't ever let anyone else dictate how you should live it or the outcome of it.


So why live an Ordinary life when you can live an Extraordinary One and Make it a Masterpiece !

So leave behind the past failures, hurts, fears, limiting beliefs, condemnations, excuses or whatever .... and take this first and very important step forward to EMPOWER YOURSELF to move towards the place where YOU CAN LIVE FREE AND FULFILLED and I'll be happy to work with you to attain that for yourself and those you really care about.


Hope to see you soon on the inside !


To help as many other human beings as possible live the life they choose to live of our own free will. As we are already born into this wonderful universe, let's make it a ride to remember !


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