Can I Do It ?

You may be thinking about this opportunity of starting your own online business and wonder : Can I really do this ?

Well, the real question you should be asking yourself is : How BADLY do I want this ?

Yes, your life may be ok now or quite bearable now but is that how you really want it to be ?

You hear about people succeeding and achieving what they want, of making it in their careers, of getting what they want in life … and you say to yourself, “That’s all well and good for them – they have all the breaks, all the support, all the guts, all the resources, etc … that’s why they are where they are !”

Really ?

Did you know that they were frustrated with how their life was and they had a dream and it didn’t just stay in their dreams or daydreams ….

They made a firm resolve that they weren’t going to stay there and accept the status quo any more. They looked at themselves and the other aimless, resigned, empty, stressed, unhappy faces around them in the subway, in traffic, during lunch and tea breaks, people just trying to get through each day, just to get a paycheck at the end of the month and a vacation once a year …

And they finally decided that they had to do something about their own life – they knew that for anything to change, for them to get out of this 9 to 5 grind, to get a better, more meaningful life for themselves, THEY HAD TO CHANGE !

That’s what I decided, too. I worked at my last job for more than 20 years - it wasn’t exactly exciting and fulfilling all the time and was at times even stressful and demanding but it helped pay the bills and maybe a vacation every few years, so I stayed on it. Until one fine day, we were informed that our jobs had been outsourced. Then, as was the normal way we were all brought up and trained to think, I started looking for another job. Then after some time of searching, I said to myself : Why am I still going to put myself in the same position where I could again be laid off ? Then going through all the stress and demands of adjusting and outperforming at another new job would have been a waste of time again as I would have to start all over again after that.

So that’s where I found this opportunity to start an online business and where I learned and am still learning all the new skills relevant to this digital economy - of websites, videos, marketing, etc and decided that I was going to take this new path and not subject myself to the whims of a boss and give my whole life just building someone else’s dream while my own just wastes away waiting for this far-off time called retirement where I could then really begin to live my life. I was inspired by both the younger as well as older people who have joined this community of entrepreneurs that no matter my age, I could do this with the education, live training and support provided and begin NOW to live my BEST life.

This is it – I wasn’t going to put myself where, sometime in the future, I would look back at my life and say in regret – I wish I had gone for it – had taken the plunge and given myself the opportunity to make the change in my life, to go all out to pursue that path that will give me and my loved ones the chance to live the life that we want and deserve, instead of playing it safe in a secure but dead-end job where I would continue to trade my time and my life for money and only have 2-day weekends to actually live life while for the rest of the other 5 weekdays each week, I would be chained to a job and building someone else’s dream and empire instead of my own, and all the while living a safe, mediocre life, just waiting for retirement to hopefully live it up … hoping I would still have the required time, energy, health and resources left by then …

That’s why it is now my desire to bring others to this same realization that in this new digital economy, we don’t need to be enslaved to a regular corporate job as there is a way we can harness the internet and digital tools to generate an income around our passions. All you require is the desire to learn and acquire these new digital skills, apply them appropriately and have the desire to serve and add value to the lives of others.

So, Yes, You Can Definitely Do This, If You Want It BADLY Enough – all you need is a Belief in Yourself and a Resolve That You Definitely Want This and just as long as you do not allow race, age, gender, station in life, limiting beliefs and unfounded fears to hold you back !

I appreciate hearing from you. Do let me know if you ever have any questions.

You CAN Do This !
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  1. Hi Linda
    I am thinking about registering on course
    But I am unemployed for 3 years now and I don’t own a computer or laptop .
    So would I be able to sell online using a iPhone to begin with?
    Also could you please tell
    What the abbreviation is
    SFM and DEA
    Also what is the name of the company I am enrolling with?

    Thank you


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