When the Going Gets Tough

Let’s be real – life as an entrepreneur is not plain sailing all the way … Are you on the beach the whole day, the whole week ? Are you travelling the world every month ? Well, yes, you can be, if that’s what ‘living life by your own terms’ means to you. And yes, […]

Do You Have a Contingency Plan ?

I was just listening to some of my counterparts in our community sharing how starting an online business for one of their members has really helped her because she just had 2 unforeseen circumstance in her family and because of the impact those events had on her, she was not able to work for about […]

How Can I Help You Move Forward ?

Starting a new business program is a big commitment. And like any sensible individual, you’ve got a list of questions you need answered in order to decide whether this program is a fit for you. So, here are some of the questions I had before I got started: Q: Why is there an application to […]

Can I Do It ?

You may be thinking about this opportunity of starting your own online business and wonder : Can I really do this ? Well, the real question you should be asking yourself is : How BADLY do I want this ? Yes, your life may be ok now or quite bearable now but is that how you […]

Will It Be Easy ?

Was it easy to learn to walk, to learn to ride a bicycle, to learn to drive ? Was it easy to learn a new subject in school, to learn a new language, to pick up a new skill ? There is always the initial phase where we need to learn the basics, the foundations […]

Take Action Towards Your Goals !

Do you find that every day, its easy to get distracted from our goals ? Distractions like doing what we like, taking it easy, rather than what we need to. Distractions to take yet another break rather than pushing on. Distractions to give up because we hit a wall. I’ve come across those, too, in […]

Who Better Than You ?

Yes, in life we know we have to make sacrifices … We sacrifice our time and finances to help a sibling come up and have a better chance at school,  college and life. We sacrifice our own personal time and finances so that we can provide for our family so that they can have a […]

Use Your Tool Well !

The tools we own are usually of some value and use to us as they usually help us perform the tasks we need to do more easily. There are the simple ones like the screw driver, scissors, knife, pen and frying pan and the more complicated ones like the rice-cooker, microwave oven and washing machine […]

Share Your Story

Share your story to encourage someone along the way … there is no such thing as “I have nothing to share” … Share what you went through – the fears, the heartaches, the pains, the loneliness, the confusion … Share the triumph, the enlightenment, the breakthrough, the joy, the peace, the realization, the knowing, the […]

Take it with a Pinch of Salt

When you start something new, it’s a bit scary at first as you’ve just gotten out of your comfort zone. You look around, take your first few steps, stumble around … that’s ok … If a baby says, “No, I shouldn’t try to stand – it’s scary to take those first few steps”, then he’ll […]

Actionless Inspiration

Stressed on the job, looking for inspiration, trying to get pumped up just to get through another week … Why do we do that ? So that we can be inspired and re-energized just to go back to the same job, the same routine where we are still trapped in the same 9 – 5 […]

Focus on What You Want

Did you ever feel a panicky feeling when things don’t seem to be going right ?  Where what you planned to get accomplished by a certain date doesn’t look like it’s going to materialize ? At that stage, calm yourself, slow the breathing …. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want or […]

False Identities and Limiting Labels

Do you allow yourself to be limited by a label?  It might be …  … a childhood nickname … “Fatty”, “Dumbo”, “Lanky”, “Shortie” … … a rejection by a teenage crush … “You’ll never be good looking enough”, “You’re not the sporty type” … … an event at work … being bypassed for a promotion, recalling that […]

Ask for Help !

During the last few days, I was trying to get my ad running … then I had to deal with why it didn’t get approved. Then I had to set up the campaigns, then had to deal with why there were no impressions or views … All brand new stuff that I had never done […]


Each day, live in an attitude of gratitude. At the start or at the end of the day, think of 5 to 10 things you are grateful for each day, then take time to really feel the gratitude for each of them and give thanks for them e.g. the happy, energetic kids, your supportive uncomplaining […]

Diversions and Speed Bumps

Nope, its not about driving … It’s when someone pours cold water on your efforts, and tells you – no, you better go back and travel by the easy, well-beaten path – the safe way that everyone travels by … The trouble is – they don’t see the Dream that you see … they don’t […]

Take Imperfect Action

I had never done a video advertisement before and worried about how I could do it but I realize that the journey of a thousand steps begins with the very first one – so I went for it ! I worked on my script, wrote it and then re-wrote and re-wrote and re-wrote it.  And […]

Come back to Focusing

None of us ever plan on procrastinating  – we all have good intentions but so many things get in the way of our accomplishing them ! That’s why doing the things that leaders do daily really helps us to focus on what’s important and yet also do what is necessary – like developing ourselves, working on […]

Taking Action on My First Post !

Good Morning and Welcome ! Today I’m doing my very first post onto my website. To be honest, it took me much longer than it should to get to this point but I was dealing with a bit of overwhelm as there was so much curriculum and learning to do. But I’m grateful for the […]