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Starting a new business program is a big commitment.

And like any sensible individual, you've got a list of questions you need answered in order to decide whether this program is a fit for you.

So, here are some of the questions I had before I got started:

Q: Why is there an application to join the program?

This program’s most valuable asset is hands down its exclusive private community. Speak to any member and I’ll bet you they will say the community has been a CRUCIAL aspect in them getting results. It certainly has been for me! 

The list of reasons for this is virtually endless and almost every individual will benefit from the community slightly differently. But the one thing you’ll hear from almost everyone who’s a member is that we have a very unique culture that thrives on being extremely supportive, knowledgeable, friendly, and active.

Now, while many people may not necessarily go out looking for an online community to join, it is what makes this program so special, and to make sure it stays that way, there’s an application that needs to be submitted in order to join.

This simply helps to protect the integrity of what Co-Founders, Stuart and Jay have been building since 2010 by safeguarding their community from those who are not a good fit for the culture. This is not a numbers game.

Rest assured, if either party (you or the company) finds that you are not a good fit for the program, you will get a very speedy refund of your $29.95.

Submit Your $29.95 Risk-free Application Here !

Q: What exactly does the application involve?

The application is a series of simple questions that enable you to introduce yourself and explain why you are looking to start or grow a successful online business. It takes just a minute or two to complete, and then you’ll get instant access to the introductory training module, The System of Selling Online, the moment you hit “Submit.”

(N.B. You can skip most of the questions if you prefer. But a consultant will call you to have a quick chat instead.)

Submit Your $29.95 Risk-free Application Here !

Q: What exactly will I learn in the Introductory training, The System of Selling Online?

Simply put, you’ll learn the most powerful selling system for marketing and selling almost any product or service online. The best part? It involves zero cold calling and no pushy or sleazy sales tactics, and once set up, it never sleeps. True story! It works 24/7, 365!

Submit Your $29.95 Risk-free Application Here !

Q: I'm brand new to this sort of thing. Will this work for me?

While results are not guaranteed, this program is designed to be step-by-step and assumes you haven’t built a successful online business before. It’s also resulted in thousands of members making their first ever sale online. So it works 🙂

However, if you’ve got a business already, you can note this in your application and a consultant will then recommend the best learning path for you based on your personal goals with your existing business.

Submit Your $29.95 Risk-free Application Here !

Q: Is this training just theory, or is there some practical training in the course as well?

You get both because you need both to have a breakthrough in your online marketing and sales. This education will teach you the SFM framework so you completely understand it, but you’ll get more than just the theory.

You’ll also be guided through steps that will help you apply your education to your business. If you haven’t got an existing business, you’ll be walked through the process, so you can start making sales and commissions right away.

Q: I'm just starting out, and I’m concerned that I don’t have enough clarity for my business idea yet to really benefit from the course. Should I come back when I am more clear?

This is actually the perfect time to start. Go through the introductory training, and you'll gain the clarity you need as a result of the steps you’ll be taken through.

Submit Your $29.95 Risk-free Application Here !

Q: I'm so busy. As great as the program sounds, I can't imagine finding the time for a course right now. Any advice?

Did you ever hear that quote about not sacrificing the important for the urgent? That's you right now. Of course your to-do list seems urgent. But what if those to-dos aren't going to actually move the needle on your goals?

Take the time to go through the introductory module and you’ll be surprised to find that you’ll find the time once you get going, the insights start flooding in, and the light bulb moments arrive.

Submit Your $29.95 Risk-free Application Here !

Q: How will I access the course?

The material is all digital, so you don't have to wait for anything to arrive via ye olde postal service. You can access the trainings on any device that's connected to the Internet. If you have Apple TV or the like, you can even watch it on your big screen television. Fancy!

Submit Your $29.95 Risk-free Application Here !

Q: How long do I have to access the materials?

You can access the trainings anytime, from anywhere and for as long as the training is left up within the platform, which will be many, many years. Once you register, you'll be able to use this resource over and over for years to come.

Submit Your $29.95 Risk-free Application Here !

Q: Will I have direct access to Stuart and Jay?

Co-founders, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek along with the entire internal staff love interacting with members. Stuart even goes through the discussion threads regularly to discuss your most burning questions by holding various live webinars each month so to interact with everyone -- and it's a lot cheaper than consulting!

Submit Your $29.95 Risk-free Application Here !

Q: What if I don't like it or feel like it's hasn’t been worth it?

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply send a cancellation request to the Customer Loyalty Team, and get your money back. Very few people ever have because they start using the framework and get incredible results in their life and business. It's worth it! It's also just one click from your dashboard to cancel and get a refund. No messing around with email or phone calls. 

Submit Your $29.95 Risk-free Application Here !

Q: What other programs do you offer?

You can learn about other membership offerings here.

Q: What if I have a question that hasn’t been covered yet? Or questions about these questions?

Just send me your questions and I'll be glad to get back to you ASAP.


I hope that this has answered some of your more burning questions, and moreover I hope to see you on the inside soon!

Please feel free to reach out to me by replying to this email if you want to discuss anything at all. I am here to help.

Submit Your $29.95 Risk-free Application Here !

To your success,


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P.S. Of course, you may be wondering how well this all works. I could tell you, "Hey, this will make you rich and successful beyond your wildest dreams,” but I think it's better to keep it real and just point you toward some =>> Success Stories.

Of course it goes without saying. You get out what you put in.

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