Take Action Towards Your Goals !

Do you find that every day, its easy to get distracted from our goals ?

Distractions like doing what we like, taking it easy, rather than what we need to.

Distractions to take yet another break rather than pushing on.

Distractions to give up because we hit a wall.

I've come across those, too, in my journey to build my own online business.

Sometimes I get distracted by overwhelm also because there is so much learning to do when we are starting out, and we feel like its too hard and we won't make it.

That is the time when we have to take a step back and remember our goals and why we need to reach those goals, who will benefit from us reaching them and how we will feel when we attain them.

Then, wake yourself up, re-direct your gaze back onto your goals and take action to do one thing every single day to move yourself towards your goals.

Just ONE thing every day to move you towards your goals - yes, consistency of action is what will bring the desired results.

Of course, if you have someone who has already attained the goal that you are reaching for and they can help and coach you, helping you to avoid pitfalls and take the correct, faster route, then, that is so much better and will definitely accelerate your results !

And one more thing - haters, jeerers, naysayers there will always be ... I was hurt at first by them and then i quickly realise that they actually are to be pitied as they have no grand goals in their life to work towards, that's why their lives are so shallow that they have to put someone down so that in some way, maybe that would elevate them up in the eyes of their friends or the people around them ... they don't realise that either people don't care or actually people have a poorer opinion of those who belittle others because they themselves are so insecure and they are not open and large and brave enough to step up and declare their dreams and go after them with no fear.

Just remember that when you attain your dreams, will what those naysayers, jeerers, haters said even remotely matter ? In fact, when you have attained your goals and dreams, won't those small minded people still be where they are ? So save and focus your energies for your own goals and dreams so as to accelerate them !

All the best in your journey to attain your goals !

I'd love to hear how you are doing in your journey towards your goals and appreciate hearing from you. Let me know if you ever have any questions 🙂

Cheers !


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