When the Going Gets Tough

Let’s be real - life as an entrepreneur is not plain sailing all the way …

Are you on the beach the whole day, the whole week ?

Are you travelling the world every month ?

Well, yes, you can be, if that’s what ‘living life by your own terms’ means to you. And yes, I do know a few folks in our community who are doing just that! (Actually, some of them even travel for months at a time !)

Living It Up

But some others are also living it up by just being at home every day. They are being with their kids. They are able to hear them say their first word, take their first steps. Being with them at their first days of school, first football game, first concert, first recital. Having the privilege of sending them to their school and classes every day. They get to help out with their homework or school projects, etc. It's a privilege just being there and present in their lives every single day !

Or being able to visit with their mum and dad or grandma and grandpa often. Having meals together, spending time together. Doing the shopping for them or taking them to their therapy sessions or to the doctor when needed. Just really being there for them all the time when they need you … instead of just speaking on the phone or just visiting on weekends or on special occasions.

Those are the great outcomes of having an online business that keeps running day in and day out for you. It enables you to go about living it up the way you want to and that is meaningful to you.

But I would be lying if I told you that that was how it will always be – just sign up, follow some instructions, do the work and everything will then run like clockwork …

The reality is that we all know that it doesn’t always work that way …

For a few exceptional cases, it may work that way (we have seen that for some of our members). Their success took off relatively early. For others, it may take a bit longer.

The truth is, there is no ‘one size fits all’ formula.

Our Proven Step-By-Step Formula

But the common thread that runs through all the collective experiences is to follow our proven step-by-step formula. First, go through the foundation modules to get a good grounding. Then follow the instructions to set up the system. You can then invest and start marketing to get your feet wet. Then look at the data and results and make adjustments and course corrections. Keep testing. Do what needs to be done. Learn what you need to learn. Test to see what the market wants or tells you what they like. Keep learning, asking questions, getting solutions. Attend the relevant webinars. Put in the work and persevering. Then when you get the hang of it, rinse and repeat. Scale your successes and cut off what doesn’t work.

And that is the gist of the formula.

That’s why we always say that a focused and determined mindset is what’s needed for this business. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a business and when challenges inevitably arise, we just need to tackle them. Also, it’s great to have the supportive community of mentors and like-minded people. They are all on different stages of their journey, yet willingly providing guidance, training and sharing experiences.

Additionally, we also have the Customer Loyalty and Technical Teams available to support day to day and technical issues, too.

So when the going gets tough, we can know that we are never alone. There are always people around in the community and back office when we face issues that we can’t resolve ourselves. We just need to reach out and Never Give Up Until You Succeed !

I appreciate hearing from you. Let me know if you ever have any questions.

To Your Success !
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