Who Better Than You ?

Yes, in life we know we have to make sacrifices …

We sacrifice our time and finances to help a sibling come up and have a better chance at school,  college and life.

We sacrifice our own personal time and finances so that we can provide for our family so that they can have a comfortable life and our kids to have a good education to give them a good start in life.

In such times, more often than not, we find that it is not a sacrifice at all as we do it out of love for the people we care about and we see it as a worthwhile investment in their lives.

In the same way, and more so in fact, we should realize that who better should we invest in than in ourselves, the provider or co-provider who makes those investments in our family possible in the very first place.

We all want a better life for ourselves and our loved ones – we want to spend more time together with them and enjoy life as a family and provide the best we can for them.

Yes, who better to invest in than in you yourself so that you and your family can truly live the life that you always wanted and deserve !

And when it comes to investing in ourselves, more often than not we think of the traditional way of going back to school to better our education in the hopes that that will give us better chances of landing a better job or get a promotion.

Well, that may be one way of doing it but that requires us to invest our funds and another year or two or more to get the education and qualifications and even after that, it would still be another job that we are hoping to land, albeit a better-paying one, and often times, it’ll come with more responsibilities, stress and more hours away from home on the job again, which is counterproductive to our goal of spending more time with our family and living life the way we want.

Having an online business gives us the kind of flexibility that we are looking for - to choose the times and hours we want to work, so that we can have the time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life like having breakfast together, dropping and picking our kids to and from school and attending all their school events, spending time at home doing things together with our spouse and kids, being able to visit mum and dad more often and help them whenever they need you, going off on a holiday whenever we want to ... Just loving and being the present parent, spouse, son or daughter that your family always wanted you to be …

Don’t continue to just accept what life has dealt you with thus far – instead resolve to start TODAY to begin to live the life you want and deserve and build the better future of yourself and your family !

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