Will It Be Easy ?

Was it easy to learn to walk, to learn to ride a bicycle, to learn to drive ?

Was it easy to learn a new subject in school, to learn a new language, to pick up a new skill ?

There is always the initial phase where we need to learn the basics, the foundations – these take a bit of time as we are starting from ground zero when we are learning something for the first time.

But as we learn and apply the basics and have a good grounding in them and we persist and keep practising, we will expand our knowledge base and as we build on the proper foundation and gain experience, and we master the subject or skill through constant practice and feedback, we can progress steadily.

It is no different when we want to build an online business – we need to learn the basics and then when we have built a good foundation and become better through experience, we can progress to scale our business.

Granted we may encounter challenges or should I say – we WILL encounter challenges – our website doesn’t work properly, our conversion tracking fails, our marketing doesn’t work as we had hoped, our messaging doesn’t connect, our ads aren’t getting the traction, etc, and we have to keep making corrections and testing, keep attending the webinars and seeking answers.

So, as with any new skill, it takes time, persistence and perseverance to build and grow our business and together with the support of the community and coaches, we will eventually get there.

I’m reminded of Thomas Edison – he didn’t consider it a failure when he didn’t get the light bulb working in his first few attempts. No, he persisted after each failure and when asked, he answered, “I didn’t fail 1000 times – I just found 1000 ways how not to do it !”    So, keep persevering !

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